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It is essential to know cable construction, characteristics, and ratings to understand problems related to cable systems. However, to correctly select a cable system and assure its satisfactory operation, additional knowledge is required. This knowledge may consist of service conditions, type of load served, mode ofoperation and maintenance, and the like.

The key to the successful operation of a cable system is to select the most suitable cable for the application, make a correct installation, and perform the required maintenance.

Tungwell cable manufacturing capacity reaches to a vast number annually: 127,000 km for lowvoltage cables; 24,000km for medium voltage cables and 3,500km for high voltage cables. All kinds of cables and wires are widely used in smart grid, green buildings, industries, new energy and smart transportations.  

Tungwell supports the clients on below five key factors to select a correct cable for power distribution and utilization.

  • Cable installation

  • Cable construction

  • Cable operation (voltage and current)

  • Cable size