To avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change, we must limit global warming to 1.5°C. We urgently need to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions in the short-term, which means businesses need to use the low-carbon energy sources available today - from the way we heat and light buildings, to the way we transport goods, people and services. With proven technologies and low-carbon fuels, we can already make significant headway in decarbonizing the energy system. Humans are addicted to fossil fuels. This project identifies cutting-edge energy solutions that allow energy users to go low-carbon.

Many of these low-carbon energy solutions are cross-sectoral and require collaboration across the value chain to develop sound business cases. Solutions exist that replace CO2 intensive energy consumption with a low-carbon approach. But companies may not be aware of these new energy solutions and they may face higher up-front investment costs to implement them. New financing mechanisms and business models alongside cross-sectoral collaboration will help to make the business case resulting in long-term profitability, increased performance and climate change mitigation. We're working to scale the use of solutions that allow companies to go low-carbon today by increasing demand for new energy solutions, facilitating the development of innovative business models as well as raising awareness with investors. These activities build on the cross-sectoral collaboration across the energy value chain that this project has already established.