TUNGWELL POWER SOLUTIONS LTD. is committed to be a leading provider of high-quality power equipment and comprehensive power solutions for our worldwide customers. TUNGWELL POWER SOLUTIONS supports powerplant and grid, new constructions, infrastructure updates, data centers and telecom industries, power facility operations, maintenance and repair.

With decades of manufacturing experience in the prime Chinese electrical equipment manufacturing zone, TUNGWELL POWER SOLUTIONS dedicate ourselves to research, design, manufacturing, marketing and service in the power transmission and distribution industry. Our product line covers power generators, transformers, cables, switchgears and power accessories.

Development through Innovation, Thriving through quality.

With a solid belief in innovation and quality, we provide our customers with robust innovative products and high-quality service. We incrementally create value for our customers by constantly adopting new technology, improved processes and advanced manufacturing equipment.

TUNGWELL POWER SOLUTIONS strives to be a research-oriented and innovative enterprise, which provides its staff with a development platform, creates win-win conditions for partners, and wealth and value for society.


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Tungwell has been appointed as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) by Cummins, Perkins, MTU, Yanmar, Kubota, Baudouin, etc. Our generators' power range is from 5kva to 3,900kva for a single unit and can be synchronized to form an Independent Power Plant. They come in open type, soundproof type, containerized packages and lighting towers.


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Tungwell oil immersed transformers are up to 750kV, 1500MVA and cast resin dry type transformers are up to 110kV, 40MVA. Our design team has very strong design capabilities and uses a variety of design software including 2D and 3D electrical field FEM and Magnetic flux leakage calculators. The resulting products come with many advanced features such as low loss design, short circuit withstand assurance, reliable extra-high voltage protection with overheating controls.


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Tungwell supply Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Switchgear/cabinets as well as their components. Tungwell low voltage switchgear is designed for safe power distribution up to 6,300A. Our medium voltage distribution switchgears are gas/air-insulated with compact, climate-independent and maintenance-free design, they can safely handle power distribution up to 40.5kV, 31.5kA(3S), 3150A.


Tungwell has a high cable manufacturing capacity exceeding the following annually: 127,000 km for low voltage cables; 24,000km for medium voltage cables and 3,500km for high voltage cables. All kinds of cables and wires are widely used in smart grid, green buildings, industries, renewable                                                                             energy and smart transportation.

Power accessories

Tungwell supplies a vast range of power parts and accessories for power generation, distribution and transmission lines. These include genuine engine parts for generating sets and Gas Turbines, protection devices such as CT, PT, SA, T&D line hardware, etc.