Tungwell soundproof generators offer a very large application target with power range from 5kVA to 1400kVA at 50Hz or 60Hz. The new and sturdy design whether it is canopies or containerized enclosure are with maximum noise reduction which make it suitable for all construction sites and home backup power supply, both mobile and stationary. At all time we have kept in our inventory a large range of accessories to meet any immediate need, for sales or after services.

Tungwell super silent diesel generator set, designed to meet the super quiet application environment, uses a unique exhaust air silencing channel, so that the noise value of the unit is greatly reduced. It is mainly used in telecommunications, hospitals, residential areas, high-rise buildings, hotels, banks, Business centers, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, entertainment places, etc.



  • Control panel with digital control device mounted inside cabinet with large viewing window

  • Load bearing base frame with liquid retention basin

  • High damping anti-vibration mounts placed between the engine/alternator and base frame

  • Fuel tank with level gauge, plugs. Loading and unloading port

  • Engine oil extraction pump

  • Fuel filter

  • Sound-insulated canopy made with powder coating cold roll sheet

  • Sound-proofing for attenuation with non-flammable foam

  • Residential silencer

  • Rain cap

  • Top lifting points

  • Maintenance free battery with switch

  • Humming device

  • Battery switch

  • Fuel level sensor

  • Flat insulation foam

  • ATS changeover switch panel

  • Radiator liquid level sensor

  • 220V electric socket or jacket water heater

  • Canopy color can be requested if different from standard

  • Slow moving trailer

  • Heat guards

  • PMG

  • LED

  • Aluminum lock and hinge