Tungwell Distribution transformers are generally used in electrical power distribution and transmission systems. This class of transformer has the highest power, or volt-ampere ratings, and the highest continuous voltage rating. The power rating is normally determined by the type of cooling methods the transformer may use. Some commonly used methods of cooling are by using oil or some other heat-conducting material. Ampere rating is increased in a distribution transformer by increasing the size of the primary and secondary windings; voltage ratings are increased by increasing the voltage rating of the insulation used in making the transformer.

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Power distribution system, large industrial enterprises, etc.


ICE 60076-11, ANSI, IEEE, AS, etc.


Voltage Range: 50/60Hz, 0.6kV – 35kV

Capacity Range: 30kVA to 30,000kVA


  • High security and reliability in operation;

  • Economic and efficient to reduce network loss and operation cost;

  • Low temperature rise;

  • Compact design, low-noise;

  • Customized transformers are available on your requirement;

  • Competitive short delivery time.