Floating Power Plant, Flexible Cable & Gas Pipe Lines

2022-04-29 10:18

Floating Power Plant, Flexible Cable & Gas Pipe Lines

Tungwell Clients in Nigeria is building a 300MW floating Power Plant on barges. With the daily movements caused by tides, the whole power plant is floating from time to time.


Our customer required flexible power cables and gas pipes to connect the power plant on the barge to the power station on the ground. After a month's discussion with the clients, Tungwell designed, sourced, suppliedflexible cable and gas pipes (hoses) and arranged the shipment to site.

Cable Nigeria 2.jpg

With the success of this supply, Tungwell is working withclient on another floating power plant, which is 3 times of the current powerplant. We are going to supply waterproof cables and other special equipment.

Cable Nigeria3.jpg


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